a piece of time for a peace of mind


Goals + Dreams + Ambition = Who I am. Depression + Anxiety + Fear = Challenges I face.

Creating artwork allows me to pursue who I am while overcoming challenges many of us face. When creating pet portraits, I aim to bring you a peace of mind by preserving your love for them. As for my mandala saws, I needed to find a creative outlet that would help me face some of life’s darkest challenges. The result from that just so happens to bring me a peace of mind and functions as a piece of time.

mandala saws

All of the saws are upcycled, sourced from friends, family, yard sales, and lumber yards. Each is individually painted using nail heads. Shop the creations here. Learn the stories behind them here.

pet portraits

I would love to help you keep your loved one close to heart by creating a painting that captures the essence of your dear one's personality. Click here to learn more.