crazy cat lady

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I know that I am well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady because I am writing this post just to share photos of my cat with you.

I even painted a mandala saw that was inspired by her to have a way to tie this all together. Maybe I’ve lost my mind a slight bit, or I just love my kitten an obsessive amount. I’ll leave it to you to decide.

shelter cat.JPG

Our journey together started when my previous landlord and ex-roommate (the one who threatened to take me to court which you can read that story here), told me that I needed to get a cat to help handle the mouse infestation in the house. So I contacted our local any animal shelter to see what cats they had available. Turns out, they had more than three dozen cats and kittens up for adoption.

There were sooo many to choose from, but I have to say I have a soft spot for orange colored kittens. Although shy at first, this orange kitten crawled on my lap and started licking me. My heart melted instantly. Then when I found out that the kitten was a female it sealed the deal.

FUN FACT: Only about 20% of orange cats are female. This is due to the recessive color gene only being carried on the X chromosome. Since males only have one X chromosome, they only have to have one recessive gene. For a female cat to be orange, they have to have two recessive genes prevalent on both chromosomes. If one chromosome carries a recessive orange gene, but the other carries a different dominate/recessive gene then the female cat will be a calico. No males can be calico because they do not have two X chromosomes to compete against one another (except for in extremely rare cases of an XXY male).

little lioness.JPG

Before bringing her home, I had to wait a week for her spay date. One of the hardest weeks of my life! I was so excited. The day after her operation, the little lioness graced her new home.

I named her Nike, after the greek goddess of strength, speed, and victory. All requirements for the perfect mouse killing huntress. (Unfortunate timing because it was right around the time Kaepernick became the new face of Nike.)

After a few days of recovering and adapting, her personality blossomed. Rapidly she became my little side kick. When I would come home after work, she’d run out and greet me. Even joining me when I went to the restroom, sitting in my lap, excitedly purring and drooling while I was relieving myself.

Soon she took to sitting on my head, and just trying to be as close to me any possible way. It’s been extremely endearing, and the fact that I’ve returned such cuddly affections (definitely not sitting on her head) is probably why I’ve become sooo obsessed with her.

Cat on head.jpg

How can you not love this face?

Lovely kitten.jpg

Anytime that I am home, Nike is generally within seven feet of me if she’s not directly laying on me in some fashion. As I am writing this, she is laying directly on my lap between me and my computer, contently purring with her eyes closed. I believe she is more attached to me than either of my dogs put together. On the flip side, her largest, most persistent admirer is our dog Floyd as he is COMPLETELY twitter-pated by her.

Frequently my roommate and I, impersonate Floyd when we see him just sitting, and starring at the cat, “Cat, what doing? Cat? Why do that? Cat? CAATTTT. Cat, what doing?” At first Nike was hesitant of Floyd’s intimacy and intrigue. Now, she teases him, swats him on the nose, and just finds ways to play with him. (That sounded a little dirty, but I promise it’s all innocent and consensual….) They’ve become the best of friends and follow each other all around the house, and curiously check out new fascinations side-by-side.

cat and dog
cat hanging out.jpg
“CAAAT, why you doing that?”

“CAAAT, why you doing that?”

Then Floyd tried to take their relationship to the next level…

cat meme

I’ve left it up to you to decide, if I’ve lost my mind, or I’m completely obsessed. Either way, I am a crazy cat lady. How could I not be with the frequent entertainment and cuteness that Nike provides?

I am grateful for:

  • Nike, clearly

  • Floyd, for his undying affection and curiosity of cats

  • Oliver, for being so understanding of my love of my cat

  • The ability to find inspirations

  • And you reading this, thank you!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and the photos I shared of Nike! Check out what’s currently available in my shop, click here. If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts and would like me to custom paint a saw for you, please email me!

cat puzzle