Tonight I attempted a yoga class for the first time in years, and it was very revealing. Both past and ongoing injuries became present this evening.

cracked ribs.jpg

On June 29th this summer, I took a fall off of a horse I was training, which resulted in one cracked rib, one fractured rib, and several torn muscles in my back and shoulder.

It was the worse pain that I have ever endured. Breathing, eating, farting, being human and heaven forbid sneezing, brought tears to my eyes. Everything became a struggle. I couldn’t sleep, it hurt to eat. I waited five days before having this x-ray taken. The only reason why I ultimately went to the doctor was to get some stronger pain medication so I could function. Diagnosis was three months for the ribs to heal and six months for the muscles to recover.

As of right now, I have healed for three and a half of those six months. Breathing has become easier, but my muscles are still sore and weak. Recently I have been trying to gain some strength back as I am prepping to take over as Director of Ski School at White Pine Ski Resort.

While in my yoga class tonight, I was very aware of the injury I sustained this summer, but what I wasn’t aware of was the two times I broke my wrist and my previously torn bicep.


I was enlightened to the realization that I still have not healed from wounds and traumas of my past.   

These mandalas have taken me on quite the journey of self assessment, and have allowed me to explore a path of healing my emotional and physical pains. I am going to continue to see where I go, and continue to pursue yoga. 

It is time for me to heal all injuries, past and present, emotional and physical.

I am grateful for: 

  • Oliver, and his dedication to learning

  • Epic Wellness for having the most amazing instructor, Tillie

  • My horses who continue to inspire me

  • My ability to breathe, previously I took that for granted

  • Nike, for she always knows how to put a smile on my face

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