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early winter & hot tea

Lisanne FearComment

I have made it my goal this week, to go some place new each day and paint a saw.

Yesterday I was planning on hiking to Sacred Rim, but the weather had other plans, including rain, sleet, and snow. As the day progressed and gradually grew warmer, I decided that I was still going to go for a walk, and aimed for a warm place to paint.

Quick Side Note: I hate rain, or being wet in general. My typical behavior in damp weather is that of a drenched cat, so it’s a big deal that I overcame my strong dislike of walking in sleet.

Preparing for my walk, with the excitement of snow in the air, I threw on my snowboarding coat and hit the road. My target destination, Pine Coffee, was only a mile from my house and included a walk through our lovely town park.


On my way, I decided that I would look for inspiration on my route, and my surroundings did not disappoint. While focusing on being in the moment, and taking notice of the nature around me, I found inspiration everywhere I looked.

I noticed the aspens, willows, and grasses had changed to different shades of golden yellows. Then when walking by the Children’s Learning Center, they had a willow-like tree that had lost it’s leaves, littering the sidewalk with beautiful garnet and deep maroon colors. While throughout my walk, little snowflakes brushed my cheeks, and walking in my snowboarding coat, the whole experience made me super stoked for heavy winter to set in.


I had been inspired.

By the time I reached Pine Coffee, I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to incorporate my experience and inspiration into my mandala.

After ordering a hot energizing green tea, I sat down and unpacked my back pack, only to discover that I had forgotten to pack my wood scrap that I have been using as a palette, and the coffee shop was only open for two more hours. My first thought was, “Well, I can just work on tweaking my website, updating social media, blah, blah, blah.” But I figured that would defeat and deflate everything that I set out to do today and wouldn’t help me obtain my goal. So I improvised.

In my pack, I had a small white board that I use for brain storming. I pulled it out, flipped it over and began to pour the acrylics I was going to use. The colors I used included: Inca Gold, Regal Red, Plum, and Pearl White. All inspired by the hues that captured my attention on my walk.

As I began painting the 12” saw blade that I had packed, I felt at peace and proud of myself. My first instinct had been to quit; quit when the weather called for snow, quit when I had forgotten to bring my palette, or quit when it didn’t seem like I had enough time to complete the piece. But I didn’t. I pushed passed those obstacles only to do something that brought me peace, happiness, and contentment.

Overcoming my struggles and doubts gave me peace of mind.

In the mandala, you can see the lovely fall colors shine through, dappled with white flakes of snow falling all around. I love the way this piece came out and the memory of walking through snow, talking with the lovely barista while, waiting for the paint to dry, and the smile on my face that I expressed all the way home.


I am grateful for:

  • My love of snow

  • Living in a mountain town filled with friendly people

  • Being able to meet new people and build connections that extend across the country

  • Oliver, for believing in me and pushing me to go for it

  • The ability to breath, after cracking my ribs this summer, I realized how much I talk something so ordinary for granted.

What’s your next goal? What will you do when your faced with an obstacle in the way of achieving that goal? What inspired you today? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or click the email button below.