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the pilot

Lisanne FearComment
the pilot
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September 11, 2018

Fired Up Passion

For awhile now I have hesitated to launch this blog, though I figured now was just as good as ever. Today, I briefly spoke with a friend of mine who has been pushing me to begin this journey of blogging, so here I am.

After three years I have been playing with the idea of painting mandalas on sawblades. The thought of just mindlessly painting and producing a meditative piece has always been attractive to me. Only, the problem was, I didn’t know how to go about creating what I had imagined. In fact, after the first few tries, I quit on the idea for two years. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to try again.

Every saw that I painted last year I was able to sell. I felt like I was onto something. Painting a mandala everyday before working on a pet portrait served as a great warm-up and set my mind at ease. I love interacting with mandalas as they just tend to put me at ease.

Something was still missing. Some functionality or sense of deeper purpose. When I first started drawing the mandalas, I would just copy someone else’s work and play around with various complementary colors. It felt artificial. I wasn’t connecting with my work. Going through various bouts of depression, it was a way for me to turn off my mind but with a positive outcome.

Now I want to connect with my artwork on a deeper level, and to draw out a connection with the work in others. With this blog, I am going to share my inspirations, and in return, I hope to inspire memories or thoughts within others.

So here we are, the pilot post. (Obviously I’ve been bingeing wayyy too many Netflix shows.)


“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” - Ferdinand Foch

Igniting my passion for my artwork has been a goal of mine for awhile. During this past summer, I suffered from a couple cracked ribs and several torn muscles in my back. Healing has been a long process, and there is still a long ways to go. So, instead of focusing on my artwork, I am relighting my passion for life… just using my artwork as an aid.

I have suffered both physically and mentally since my wreck, so I devised a plan to heal my body and mind: hike to really cool places, and paint in a meditative state. Taking a piece of time for peace of mind.

To get any momentum though, I had to light a fire under my ass. Tonight when I came home from work, I knew that I wanted to paint a blade with fiery colors and hike to a pointed hill that I had seen from the road. I threw my red, yellow, and white paints into my classy fanny pack, said goodbye to the cat, and headed out the door.

I hiked one hill… only one hill. I got to the top and was out of breath (and realized how extremely out of shape I was. Turns out the hill that I wanted to hike was farther away than what my out of shape body wanted to go. With the winds howling, I decided I would leave the pointed hill for another day, and settled for just looking at the hill.

Once I unpacked everything, my mind quieted. Even with the wind whipping my hair and rapidly drying my paints, I felt peaceful. I took the time to reflect on what I wanted to do. Where I want these healing arts to take me. I reflected on where I was at 9-11-01. Suddenly a feeling of gratefulness overwhelmed me. I thought of five things that I am grateful for.


  • Oliver, for his love kindness

  • Growing up in this wonderful state of Wyoming

  • Being able to hike a hill and create art at the top

  • The strength of the wind, it was empowering

  • All the books I’ve read, I have learned so much

This was an experience I won’t soon forget. I took a piece of time for a peace of mind.

Thank you for your time.


PS.What memories do these colors remind you of?

I’d love to know! Either write a comment or email me